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Back in KC

Hello All,

Well, I’m back after an extended leave of absence wherein I took care of some personal business.  When I got back, I found a lot of problems waiting for me, but I was able to overcome most of them.  The jury is still out on the rest of them.

In the development of this website, I’ve made quite a bit of progress, as you may be able to tell. I’ve integrated FCKEditor into the blog side of things so that I can make things bold and italic without writing html.  It also helps with line breaks.  Soon I’ll be adding comments as well, and creating an rss feed.  Once that is done work will begin on my Mandolin project, which I am very excited about.  This is going to be a huge project that will make things simpler for small business owners.

Ok, that’s all for now.  So long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

Oh yeah, if you are looking for health and beauty supplies, my friend Tara has just the thing you need.  Enjoy!

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