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The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything!

We all know that answer is 42, right? Well, perhaps not.

But what is the answer? Why are we here? What is the meaning for our life?

I have my own answers to those questions. People will disagree – that’s great. I’m not going to demand that you live your life according to my standards, but I am going to demand that you pay me that same respect.

When I look at the universe, I see beauty that is indescribable. We can talk about it, but the experience of seeing that beauty is something I cannot find the words to communicate completely.   But even with all that beauty, there is some cold hard facts that I (and I believe that since they are facts, others should as well) have had to come to terms with.

The universe has no absolute purpose, as far as we can tell.  This is different than saying that it definitely has no purpose, just that there is no evidence for purpose.  In other words, we cannot know that the universe has purpose.

Our lives have no extrinsic meaning.  We are not here for a purpose set by someone or something greater than ourselves.  Please note once again, I’m not saying that no such purpose exists, only that there is no evidence that such a purpose exists.

With those two facts in mind, what possibly could be the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

Well, if purpose and meaning are not set by some external source, then we must set our own purpose and meaning.   This is an incredibly powerful idea.  We can decide what our lives will mean.  We can decide the purpose of our actions – the purpose of our existence.

For myself, I find meaning in discovery.  I need to know how the world works.  I need to know why I find it so beautiful.  I need to share those discoveries with others who are interested in them as well.

Where do you find your meaning, really?

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  1. the answer to life the universe and everything =

    that everything everywhere
    throughout time and space is connected
    in some way shape or form