Summer Love

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance. – Bern Williams

It’s that time of the year where love seems to be on everyone’s mind. Summer is starting, and we hear the ancient call to find someone special. There have been seemingly endless songs and poems written about this phenomena. But really, who wants to study this academically? It’s so much more interesting to talk about that special someone.

We can loose our more poetic side, discussing at length how that person can make you smile just be being present. How you can see her at the distance and fight with yourself against the urge to run to them. How her hair flows freely, and every minute detail of her figure is considered a thing of exquisite beauty. She may be the homeliest person in the world, but to you, she’s an angel.

You go out of your way just to be near her, to catch a glimpse, to say hello. When you talk to her, no matter the subject, you mouth runs dry, and the eloquent things you try to say inexplicably comes out with a stutter. The heart races, your palms feel clammy. It can feel like you’re on a roller-coaster when your stomach seems to drop to the floor, but you’re not moving at all.

You wish you could just put your arm around her, or hold her hand, but any physical contact at all can seem to be nearly overwhelming. When your lips meet that first time, it’s like a bolt of electricity shooting through your body. It’s not painful, but staggering. The softness of her lips is delectable, and the moment stretches as time slows. Your brain struggles to keep up with all the sensory information it’s receiving. How long has the moment lasted? But eventually, the kiss ends, and your arms snake around her, pulling her close. You never want to let go, but you do, eventually. The night ends, and you can’t help but smile. Part of you wonders if it was all a dream.

Sometimes, it is.

Recurring Nightmare

I have a recurring nightmare where I dream the entire school semester, and then I remember at the end of the semester there was that English class I signed up for and went to the first week, and then forgot all about it and never went again.

I’ve had this dream for *years* – even now, when I’m not even attending school.  Every time, it freaks me out as well.  Sometimes the dream takes place in high school and others in college.  I’m not sure why I have this particular nightmare.  It’s true that while I was going to school, I was known on occasion to completely forget to go to class.  I took a political science class where I skipped an entire month because I didn’t need to go.  Well, and I was working through a horrible break-up with my girlfriend.  Still, that was over six years ago.

I could probably analyze this deeper.  Perhaps it has something to do with a fear of not being good enough, or failing to meet the requirements for something because I was goofing off.  Or something.  I don’t know.

I just hate these dreams.