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I have heard of a water fall along the North Fork Umpqua river that exists by itself, without an inlet or an outlet. It comes out of the mountain, falls along a moss wall, and goes back underground. It’s called Columnar Falls, and this last weekend I visited it. It’s in the segment of the North Umqua Trail called “Dread and Terror”.  

Later that day, I was trying to figure out how to describe my experience here to someone else.  Here is what I came up with:

Standing In Columnar Falls
By Josh Charles May 3rd, 2014

Water flowing, falling, streaming, shooting out of the ground
Over green moss, over polished rock, over my feet
Cool mist mixes with the fragrance of cedar
On my face, in my nose, in my brain
Tumbling water, chirping birds, rustling branches invade my ears
Pushing out worry, pushing out stress, pushing out thought itself

I stand in wilderness, this is my cathedral
I worship with reverence in this place of peace
I stand where my soul has chosen to be

What is work? I don’t know
What is money? I don’t know
What is the past? I don’t know
What is the future? I don’t know

Life is happening here.
Life is happening in this moment.
I am here, in this moment.

Full photo album Columnar Falls

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