in Exploring Oregon

I spent the last three days exploring east of the Cascade Mountains.

Desert Explorations

Sunbeam on a mountain top, a spotlight on my future
The present is in the East, in mountains I do not know
New roads in the South, in the high desert
Old roads shake my bones but drive me on
New experiences expand my mind:

Hill painted red and white, darkened spots run down their side
Meadow bursting with wild colors
Their fragrance pleases my brain and make me sneeze
Yellow flowers bid farewell to a waning storm

Peering into the distant past by reading fossils in shifted rock

Hole-in-the-Ground, don’t fall in
Walk into Crack-in-the-Ground, walk around
I perform a whistled duet with a lonely bird
Sand Dunes gorge on lost trees

Attacking Fort Rock, I claim it as my own
My claim is ignored by the earth,
For I do not know how to steward stone

Klamath marsh exploding with birdsong
Winning a staring contest with Mister Hawk
Officiated by the ghost of Mount Mazama

Finding snow in Newberry Caldera
Volcanic glass shattered the ground itself
Sharp shards threaten my feet

Dusty trail leads to falling water
Cooling my body, cleansing my soul


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