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11 Years

Looking at the side bar, the first post to this blog is from November 2003.  I don’t know how much ‘blogging’ was a thing back then.  Mainly I loved to write, and I wrote a lot.  I put them all on a personal website I created, which was a continuation of a website I had started in the 90’s.  I recently found a copy of my website that was running in 2001.  It’s really great to have this digital archive, and it’s fun for me to go back and see how the site is changed.  Programming my personal site is not really a hobby of mine any more.  I focus on working on other personal projects.  I write a lot, but it’s mainly in letters to other people.

But this November, I’m going to go for a change.  I’m going to try writing something public to put up here everyday.  I don’t know how well it will go.  I may miss a few days.  But let’s get this going again!


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