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I got up early this morning and headed out to the ocean.  It was quite foggy here in the valley, but once I made it over the crest of the coast range, it started clearing up quite nicely, and the ocean was quite sunny.  I made my first stop to take pictures of the Heceta Head Lighthouse.  It’s a pretty standard photo location, and I’ve seen it mentioned that it’s the most photographed place in Oregon.  It’s easy to see why.  There were sea lions all over the place, though, so I decided to record some of their yelping.

After taking my pictures, I headed down to the beach. I discovered later, my pictures from my good camera didn’t turn out that well. Apparently I had somehow accidentally set it to take photos with “art effects” and didn’t realize it. I really dislike those things. Even if I did want something like that, I would add them in Photoshop, not on my camera. Now the raw photos are lost.

Anyway, I got to the beach not long after the tide started to come back in. I was wandering around on far right side of the beach, and I noticed some people on the far left side that appeared to be stuck because the path was now under the ocean. I rushed up a trail to see if I could get closer to them and find out if they were okay, only to run into them. They had gone off trail and down this little gorge in order to get some photos. I understand the sentiment, but this really bothers me. There were signs all over the place telling them to not do this in order to protect the vegetation. Everyone thinks that one person won’t do that much damage. The problem is that everyone thinks that, so they all do it.


It’s a pet peeve of mine. I don’t care how careful you are. Your stupid photos are not worth more than the vegetation and local ecosystem. There are great places to take photos of things on trail. Don’t go off trail.

At least in the end, it turned out they were safe. I moved on to my next stop, Cape Perpetua. This is really my favorite spot on the coast I think. It’s beautiful and relaxing, and I could spend all my time there easily. The tide was really coming in at that point, so I took some better video of what they call the “Spouting Horn” at Cook’s Chasm.

I sat there in the rocks for quite some time. I went into Yachats and spent some time at the state park, and then headed back.

My last stop was a rocky beach that has lots of tide pools, but it was high tide, so they were all under water. The sound the water made over the rocks was very relaxing.

My friend T says “Vitamin D does wonders” and I believe it. I feel a lot better than I did yesterday. I want to sustain that feeling. I feel calm and refreshed and my mind is more peaceful. Now lets see about sustaining that throughout the week.

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