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.NET Open Sourced!

So the big news in the tech world today is that the .NET framework has been open sourced. I was hoping this was going to happen at some point, and it’s great to finally see that realized. Microsoft has been headed in this direction for quite some time. I think the first projects to be developed out in the open was really IronPython and IronRuby, which haven’t seen a lot of love recently. But more recently, ASP.NET vNext has been out on Github, as well as other core technologies like Entity Framework. Very recently, the new .NET compilers were open sourced. You could kind of see that this was in the works, but you couldn’t be sure. It’s just really great news to see today.

The other big announcement is Visual Studio Community Edition. VS had been available for free in the express editions, but they were limited. You couldn’t do multiple projects in your solution, and you couldn’t add extensions like Resharper.

The Community Edition removes these restrictions. As far as I can tell, this is basically the Professional Edition of Visual Studio, but now available for teams less than 10, including individual developers of course.

This is great news for hobbyists, or even just programmers who want to hone their skills outside of their job. You can have complex projects and have the entire VS experience without shelling out several hundred dollars (well, additional dollars after buying Resharper).

It’s a great day to be a .NET Developer!

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