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Documentary: Making Mail

I don’t jump on twitter that often, and when I do it’s kind of like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. But today I hopped on while waiting for something, and I happened to see a tweet from the USPS:

I LOVE the USPS. I really think it’s one of the greatest institutions in the history of the world. For literally cents, I can put something in a box next to my home and have it delivered to someone else’s home with in a few days. If I want it to go to another country, it’s just a little more. This tweet caught my eye, because I thought it would be a documentary on the USPS (side note: if anyone knows of such a documentary, please let me know).

So I eagerly opened up the link and started watching. It’s not about the USPS at all, although it does show just how awesome they are. This documentary is more about people who turn sending mail into an art form. Their letters are crafted constructions, and they’re wonderful. You can see many samples of mail art on the making mail tumblr.

I send a lot of mail, and I kind of feel like I’ve been heading in this direction. I started simply by getting different stamps and including seals on my envelopes. But now I’ve added a wax seal some times, and my letters are usually on simple hand made photo cards. This documentary was inspiring though, especially as I start the project of making holiday cards to send out this year. I feel my creative juices flowing.

Take an hour and enjoy this free documentary.

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