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Sources for Positiveness

Sometimes I just need some positiveness in my life. Sometimes it’s for affirmation and motivation. Sometimes it’s for inspiration. Here are three that I like:

  • NEDA Feeding Hope (tumblr). I’ve been supporting NEDA for several years now, but only discovered this blog in the last year or so. I don’t know when it was launched. Since it is focused on helping people with Eating Disorders, those issues are prevalent there, but there is more general positiveness as well.
  • Daily Pep Talk from a Best Friend. I heard about this on the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Every day something to get you going
  • /r/GetMotivated. One must be careful with Reddit. You’re going to see both the best and worse humanity has to offer there. /r/GetMotivated is one of the good places on reddit (for the most part)

And here is a piece of positiveness from me to you:

This is Sahalie Falls.  It has been cutting through hardened rock for thousands of years to create something beautiful.  It is a force of nature. You are also a force of nature.

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