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Let me tell you about one of my favorite games, a little card game called Fluxx.

Example Fluxx Rule: Talk like a pirate.

New Rule: Talk like a pirate.

It starts very simple.  There is a deck of cards.  Each person is dealt four cards.  The rules are simple.  On your turn, you draw one card, and you play one card.  As soon as the game starts, though, it gets more complicated.  Every card tell you how it’s supposed to be played.  Some of the cards change the rules of the game, for example to say you have to draw two cards instead of one).  Other cards will help you win, while their opposites will actually prevent you from winning.  Some cards contains surprises that you can spring on your fellow players.

In other words, the game is always “in flux.”

There are lots of different flavors to this game, and I’ve enjoyed every one that I’ve tried.  It starts with basic Fluxx.  After that is Star Fluxx, a sci-fi themed game that adds in two new ideas, surprises and creepers, which prevent you from winning.  Pirate Fluxx is completely pirate themed and very similar to Star Fluxx.  Eco Fluxx is ecology themed and has new concepts like player interdependent goals and removing cards from the game all together.  My friends and I were not sure about it before we played, but it is indeed fun.

The most complicated in Cthulhu Fluxx.  It has everything all the other games has, but with a few other new mechanics as well.  It’s possible for everyone to lose in Cthulhu Fluxx.  One of the best games of Fluxx I had was with a friend where a card was played and we knew someone won, but we had to unwrap four layers of rules in order to figure it out.

There is little that is predictable about a game of Fluxx, including how long a game could take.  It could be over within a few minutes, or it could take more than an hour.

The next step, and the one I’ve not taken yet, is to try Fluxx the board game. It goes even crazier, and to give you an idea, check out the introduction video below. Have fun playing!

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