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Great new Euphonium Concertos

In the last few years, I’ve dug my Euphonium out of the closet and have started to get my chops back in shape.  One of the best parts of this has been discovering some of the new music that’s been written in just the last few years for euphonium, especially some great concertos. Here are three that I’m especially excited to play and learn.

1) UFO Concerto by Johan de Meij

I’m mainly familiar with this composer from his “Lord of the Rings” symphony. This concerto is perhaps even better. While there are some technical challenges, especially in the upper range, this concerto really shines in it’s soaring lyrical lines.

2) Euphonium Concerto by Karl Jenkins

This concerto is amazing. It’s the most technically challenging of the three concertos, but it also has some very tender sections as well. There is really a lot to sink your teeth into, and the first movement is especially fun.

3) Heritage Concerto by Anthony Barfield

This is the only concerto of the three I don’t have the sheet music for yet. I really appreciate the rhythms in this piece. The composer keeps breaking my expectations in a way that delights my ears.

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