The Sorkin Pattern

My favorite TV show of all time is probably The West Wing. Every couple of years, I seem to get on a kick where I take a month or two and watch the entire series again. I think I like to view it as aspirational television, an idealized version of society that is not so far fetched as to be complete fantasy. Watching the show always inspires me to make some change in my life, and it usually ends up sticking.

The West Wing was created by Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin is a great writer, but once you see enough of him, he tends to become very predictable. That’s not a bad thing. When I saw the first episode of Sports Night, it was after seeing all of his episodes of The West Wing. It was a different setting, and the same things were happening, but you know what? I didn’t care. It was good. The writing was very tight, it didn’t talk down to you, and I inevitably learned something from it.

This type of predictability lends itself to parody pretty easy, and there’s been some great ones.

SNL “The Sorkin Sketch”

Inside Amy Schumer “The Foodroom”

And of course, featuring Sorkin himself, from 30 Rock

One day, I really hope to experience a walk and talk of my own.